Saturday, September 12, 2009

Okay, Let's Be Honest.

As I've made these little desserts, I have been learning a lot.  As I have been writing my posts I have been giving you my honest opinion.  I'm giving you my first impression.  The fresh right out of the oven, just barely frosted impression.  Fresh, they really have all been wonderful.  Not that I want to give out old cupcakes, but because I work full time, I bake when I get home.  I give them away that night or the next day and some of them have been less than I would like them to be the next day. 

So here is my honest opinion after the fact.  Just in case you were planning on baking any of these.  For now on I will have a rating system so I feel like I'm giving you my opinion on a few aspects and not just on my first impression.  It will go as follows:

First Impression- This will be as said above, right out of the oven, freshly frosted.
Cake- Overall rating of the level of difficulty of preparation for the cake, the texture, and taste.
Frosting- Overall rating of the level of difficulty of preparation and taste
Aaron's rating-  My husband feels like his opinion is very important and he will be giving his rating.
Keepability- This will be the next day's overall rating of cake and frosting.

The reason for this post was because of the Chocolate Chip Cupcakes.  I really did give you my honest first impression.  I did have about 8 left over and I decided to give them to the secretaries at the school I teach at.  They were grateful.  Later on in the day, I went in and one of them told me, "they were good, but they were a little dry".  Hmmmm.  Okay.  I'm not too offended, because she was right.  They were a little dry.

The second reason, was because of the last cupcakes.  My husband didn't like my pictures, he said the chocolate mousse looked like refried beans.  Again, hmmmmm, okay.  And again, he was right.  I guess they do.  The first impression on these also were really great.  They were yummy.  Because the frosing was made from heavy whipping cream, I felt like they needed to go in the fridge.  These, also ended up being too dry the next day. *Sigh*  Good thing I'm patient.  To all my recipients of my experiments, I'm sorry if they are too dry, or if they look like they are topped with refried beans.  I'm learning.  That is my disclaimer. :)

September 15th is the due date for my monthly entry for the club, stay tuned!

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  1. Something I've learned in my cupcake making process that might help in yours. Add 1 egg more than the recipe calls for. I know it probably sounds like sabatoge, but I've found my cupcakes stay moister longer if I do that. I also do it with my cookies and cakes. It just makes them that much better. I don't know the science behind it, if it has to do with our altitude or what, but it's made a world of difference in my baking. I love reading your blog and seeing what you're up to next with your cupcakes. Keep up the good work.


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