Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jumbo Creme-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes-Martha Stewart Cupcake Club

I had to psych myself up for this one this month. You know, I just wasn't excited to bake this cupcake. I am not sure exactly what it was because I love chocolate and I love creme. I guess it didn't look exciting enough for me. I'm not sure if you've realized but I like to make food items true to the recipe at least once. After that I feel free to change or even throw out a recipe. I will be honest and tell you I didn't love these but I'm sure I could love these with some changes.

This cupcake was chosen by Jess from Cookbook Habit. You can find it on page 133 of Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. This batter mixed up pretty quickly. It seemed like a basic chocolate cake recipe moistened with sour cream. I think sour cream is pretty much awesome in most baked items so I was hoping for better. These mixed up not super thick but did take some spreading in the tin. The batter had a nice taste to it so I was starting to think these might not be the typical dry Martha cupcake. I was wrong. This is probably the first cupcake that I didn't even want to give away. I actually did 6 jumbo cupcakes and 12 regular size. I would not do these jumbo ever again. It's one thing to have a couple of bites of dry cupcake but the Jumbo was just too much.

Please forgive the photography. My nice camera is having issues. These are the Jumbos. I buttered and dusted the tin with cocoa powder. 5 of the six came out okay. There is something about the cupcake wrapper that makes cuppies look pretty. I think I prefer that (plus the wrappers are much less time consuming).

On a lighter note (although not actually light in any way), the creme did turn out pretty well. When I say not light I mean it though. It is made with 1 and a half cups Marshmallow Creme and 1 stick of butter. That's it. Seriously. Butter and sugar whipped up together into a pretty creme, really is wonderful. The ONLY good part about this cupcake was the creme. Really.

I know my posts are few and far between but please be patient. We are moving in July and I'm hoping to be posting more starting August/September. Can't wait. :) Next month: Tres Leches Cupcakes. MMMMMM.
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