Monday, August 2, 2010

Digi Day :)

When people find out I digital scrapbook, I usually get asked where I get all my digital supplies. It's really kind of confusing until you actually get to play with the whole process. Each item on my layout is usually separate and already somewhat created by a designer. So you can purchase a pack of "paper" or a pack of "ribbon" then layer them in an editing program to get a page.

Credit for this layout found HERE.

So in this layout, the flower is an element, the heart, the button, the stitches are all different elements. I just use each file to make one big file by layering them. Okay, so back to the original question, where do I get my supplies? Well ladies, let me enable you. :) Just like there are scrapbook or craft stores you physically go to, there are digital stores on the internet you go to. Instead of a product mailed to you, after purchase you download the file and it's yours. The cool thing about digi vs. traditional scrapbooking is the fact that once purchased, I can use those elements over and over again. They are not expendable. It's nice.

Okay, I have three favorite places to go for supplies although there are many more out there. Also, I do like individual designers work, but I'll highlight those another time.

1. Sweet Shoppe Designs- You can find a lot of kits at this store (meaning all your paper, stamps, elements are correlating to a theme and wrapped together as one purchase.) and there is quite the variety. Here are a couple of kits that caught my eye.

So these are full kits. They have paper, frames, elements, an alpha, flowers, ribbon, stamps, etc.

2. Designer Digitals- This place has a lot of product. They have kits but they also sale a lot of individual elements.

3. You know I love this place. The website started out just offering classes but have really bloomed the last year in offering products from really great designers.

I used these two kits by The Queen of Quirk to make the following layout. Cute stuff.

Alrighty, so now you know where I get my stuff. I will warn you, just like traditional scrapbooking, it's easy to start collecting and forget what you have. I won't name and names. (Rachael) Organizing is a whole other day. Hope your week is wonderful!


Find Credits Here.

Extra Info: Check out my latest wedding cake Here.

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  1. Those kits look like so much fun! I know I keep saying this, but I really need to start doing some digiscrapping. :o) I love the page of Justy. Made me tear up a little bit. She's so little...*sigh*


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