Thursday, August 12, 2010

Digi Day

Credits Here.
Just so you know. Every Wednesday at you can purchase what is called Photoshop Friday for ONE DOLLAR. (I have no idea why Photoshop Friday is on Wednesday but let's look past that.) Why is this so great you may ask. Well, you pay a buck and you get a tutorial, a template, a printable instruction sheet, and all the supplies to make a layout. One dollar people. You can't beat that.

The above layout was done using Photoshop Friday No. 12. The lesson was on rounding corners. Past lessons have included making scuffy edge photos, making a storyboard, curving your journaling, using brushes, and many more.

The bad thing is it's Thursday and you missed it. The good thing is, a new one will be available next Wednesday and if you really want a past one you can pay $3.99 for it. You can find them here.I love these little lessons. I'll give you a reminder next Wednesday. ;)


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  2. You're so crafty! Seriously wish I was...I love your layout. This blog is super cute.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Sounds interesting. Love those craft work. I wish I am more crafty! MaryMoh at

  4. Wow.. love these two pages.. but the one with my grand daughter is so nice... love the colors!.. Great job Moni..


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