Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Framed Mirror

I know you've seen this all over the internet. It's not a new idea and seldom do I have my own ideas. I'm a very great copier. I will always give credit where credit is due. So to be completely truthful, this wasn't my idea at all. It was my husband's. We just moved into a little home we bought. This home has a giant mirror in the living room area. It's about 4 feet in height and 8 feet in length. Big. I didn't love the mirror and it was taking precious wall space to hang up other treasures. A few months ago I was at IKEA and saw some shelves. (sorry, couldn't find a photo of them on IKEA's website). I loved them and wanted them for this wall after the mirror came down.

We tried to take the mirror down and it was glued stuck. Aaron said, "if we break the mirror and pull it down we will really damage the wall or we can just frame it." I didn't want all that bad luck with breaking the mirror so we decided to frame it. Aaron got right to work.

Sorry, I don't have a before picture. Here it is before paint.

My ledge. :)

Aaron doing what he does best. :)

The finished mirror!

My ledge. I LOVE it. It's so cute.

I wasn't totally convinced until I actually saw it finished. It's beautiful. Aaron added a ledge on the bottom of the mirror that resembles the one I saw at IKEA. I'm using it as my photo gallery. Aaron is an artist, so my house is covered with his paintings and other artists' paintings. I wanted my own little spot for my photograpy or pictures I love. It really adds to our house and is no longer an eye sore for me.

Thanks to this cute guy for all he does to make me happy. He's the best!

Hope your Tuesday was great!


  1. I love it! I want one in my home. Not Aaron...the mirror. *LOL* :o) Tell him he did an awesome job.

  2. Thats so cute Monica, what a great idea!

  3. Impressive! Thanks for sharing! Such talent both of you have!

  4. I can't still don't get it.. every time I post a note somehow I eraise it and it makes me sooo mad!!!
    Oh well.. here it goes again, It ruly looks very nice and what a blessing to have a hubby that can help you with all those odds and ends and turned out so beautiful!! From what I can see through you mirror you have decorated your house so nicely... it is a *HOME*.. you are so talented!.. Besos..

  5. I LOOOOVE that mirror!! What a creative idea!! You always amaze me!! Luv ya :)


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