Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favorites

A couple of years ago when we cleaned out my Grandmama's home I found some vintage sewing patterns and a lot of vintage ribbons and trims mostly from the 70's. That is such an exciting find for any seamstress. I kept all the notions but only kept the patterns I knew I would make and of course have yet to make any.

Well, I came upon a blog called Sew Retro and was very intrigued. It is a blog of over 100 contributors who use vintage patterns and fabrics to make gorgeous outfits. It made me wish I hadn't given away a lot of those patterns. I love the 1950's designs. They make me think of my Grandma and what she would have worn to church or just doing her everyday housework. I love looking at old photos and am always interested in their clothing and the styles of the time.

Here are a few that I really liked. You can find them at Sew Retro but I will also credit the individual contributor. Enjoy!

This first one is by Susannah at Cargo, Cult, Craft. It is from a 1968 pattern and the dress started life as a tablecloth. Crazy but super fun!

This one is by Polly Esther of A Sewing Obsession. I love how this turned out.

This one is from Rhinestones and Telephones. This dress was actually inspired by June Carter. I love it.

Sew Retro is definitely going on my blog list. I feel inspired today. Have a great weekend!



  1. I love it! So fun (or sew fun.....ha ha).

  2. Kinda makes me want to learn how to do more than just hooded towels :o)

  3. Those were my days my girl.. and boy did I enjoy those dresses!.. very sexy if you ask me. I truly think the styles then where very femenine!.. yeah!.. and I did sew a few. Thanks for bringing back great memories!.. love you!

  4. Hi Moni,
    Those patterns were great. I graduated in 1968 and I think I remember that McCalls pattern. I'm quite sure I made that one. In fact, my senior year of high school I had the goal to make all of my school clothes (We could only wear dresses to school-imagine that!) Oh to be young and skinny again! I really liked the last pattern also.
    Love your blog and the recipes always look so yummy. Thanks Erica and Moni!
    Love, Mom L.


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