Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Digi Day

Hurry up it's Photoshop Friday! Ha ha. I can't get over that, sorry. But it is and this awesome tutorial is only a buck. I wouldn't pass this on if I didn't think it was worth it. Anyway, the lesson is on journaling in columns. Buy it here.

Fun Fun!

Also, I've been following along with the Now We're Rockin' class. I took the first version of this class and loved it. I wanted to take version 2 just to get all the digi goodies and to refresh some of my photoshop skills. It really is a good reminder, and I am learning a few new things so I think it has been worth my time. Here is the first layout from the class. I really like to follow along to a T the first time I do a lesson so it pretty much looks like hers, but I LOVE the recoloring technique and I learned different ways to make selections.

This is my cute little nephew. See how I recolored the apple?

Anyway, I know you have some gorgeous photos that you could use this technique on. OH, that reminds me! If you're not into scrapbooking what-so-ever, Jessica also has some photo editing classes which are fun. They just teach you fun ways to edit your photos. Check them out here.

Okay, here is my weekly layout for the website. I'm on the homepage today! That is always a little boost to me. Have to admit it's fun to see my layouts on the homepage. Anyway, I'm showcasing Splendid Fiins new paperpack called Too Cool for School 1. Perfect for my pics of my Beazie's first day of school. Also, a buck today. You can see the credits here.

He's so cute. Hope everyone is having a great week! Happy hump day! (inside joke, mama) ha ha!

ETA: I forgot to remind you to comment on this post and enter for a free Pioneer Woman cookbook. A must have.

BIG NEWS!!!! Erica is prego and she finds out TODAY what kind of kiddo she is going to have. You know, the crazy wild type (Boy) or the sassy, I want my way ALL the time type (girl). Tune in tomorrow to find out. Fun Fun!


  1. Man, my boy is cute! Great job, sis! :o)

  2. My blueberry muffins sure don't look like your's. Of course I use a package. Congratulations.


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