Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here's a lil' Mish Mash...

First off, I just want to thank my sister for her awesome post yesterday. It made my day. It's hard being far away from home and it was nice to feel loved. You are the best sis. I love you lots. And thanks to all my family that wrote a message. It mean a lot. I love you guys. :)

I have a few things for you today. Nothing spectacular, but ideas nevertheless. My son had a birthday recently and since I'm the queen at procrastination. I was planning his party just a few days before the actual event. I live in a smaller town and I had a hard time finding things I needed for my last minute planning. If only this town had a Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's my life would be so so much easier. Anyway, thank goodness for my third child (my laptop) and his friend the internet I was able to throw a successful party on a budget with limited resources. Phew.

So my son has been into Avatar the Last Airbender and I wanted the kids to be able to choose what nation they are from at the beginning of the party. I thought shrinky dinks would be perfect for this. Guess what, no shrinky dink plastic in a 75 mile radius. I'll google it. Me googling..."how do I make my own shrinky dinks?". It worked, I found a tutorial! So off to the grocery store I went to get #6 plastic from the bakery. It actually worked, although the plastic didn't exactly keep the original circle shape. They kind of turned into ovals. This worked for my project but wouldn't work for more intricate shapes. Pretty cool eh? Find the tutorial here.

We have a strict budget being medical students but I really wanted to make a craft. Again, searching the internet for a catapult. I came upon the Family Fun Website. It has a ton of craft ideas to do with your kids. I've been on this website a few times and have enjoyed their ideas. I built the catapults before the party because of the hot glue, but the kids had a blast painting and decorating their catapults. We then had a competition with paper balls. They loved it. Who needs fancy party favors!?

I do like to send the kids off with goodie bags. That's the first thing my nephew asks when he walks into the party. "Do we get goodie bags?" We missed him this year. Again with our budget I wanted something nice but not huge. I found a template by IKari Designs on for a cute lil' bag. These are great! They take a little more time and effort but they are adorable and hand made.

I made these for a couple of ladies I visit.

I've been working on some flower accessories. Today is the last day to enter for our giveaway. You can enter here. Thanks to everyone who has entered. I'm excited to be making these for you! Have a happy Thursday!

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  1. Seriously, Sis! You amaze me. You are so crafty! Everything is perfect. Great job!!!


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