Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Favorites

There are hundreds of free patterns and tutorials out on the web now. It's kind of exciting and probably giving some pattern companies a run for their money. My kids' Halloween costumes are semi-homemade this year and all I had to do was google "such and such pattern" or "such and such tutorial". Awesome. I love that. It makes sewing much cheaper when you can get a pattern for cheap or free. With the cost of fabric and the time put into a project, sometimes it's just not worth it to sew. You know what I mean? So with that, I wanted to point you in a few directions for free patterns, but don't forget Google. I love Google.

The blog has a million ideas. She links hundreds of other blogs with all kinds of ideas and patterns. The Train to Crazy.

The Simple Skirt

I have featured this blog before. I just love her ideas and her projects. She's pretty cool. She has a lot of tutorials. Craftiness is not Optional.

She shows you how to make your own pattern using your children's existing clothes.

This skirt is a re-fashioned adults skirt made into a girl's dress. Check out this tute. :)

Here is a tutorial for Baby Legs. You know those cute leg warmers for babies. This is from Little Birdie. I actually just googled this, because I couldn't find the original tutorial I had found. Super easy though.

There are a million tutorials online for a no sew tutu. I just googled this one too. I've made one of these before and they are super easy and very cute. This one is from Mama's Doodles.

Fun, fun! Don't buy expensive patterns until you check the net. Seriously, anyway we can save money. Right?!

Don't forget our Giveaway going on right now! Felt food is so fun. I made some for my daughter one year and it was suprisingly easy and adorable. I love it. She does a great job and her "food" is gorgeous and ecofriendly. How cool is that? Enter here.

Have an awesome weekend. And do something crafty!

Monica :)


  1. I seriously need to learn how to sew.

  2. Hey can you send me the link to the dress made out of a skirt because it's not linked up and I think I want to try that one. Thanks! :)


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