Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Favorites

This sweet little girl is my favorite little girl in the WHOLE world.  She's so funny.  This year she wanted to dress up like a geek.  She plays the part well.  She's pretty silly.  I'm still laughing at this picture. 

I'm a Room Mom, so I had to bring a game and a treat.  The game I chose was feather volleyball and I think it was a hit.  The kids were so funny trying to keep that feather in the air.  How weird is it that the real feather is in front a picture of a fake feather?  Hmmm...Anyhoo...this is a super fun and a family favorite game.
Now onto my treat.  The teachers wanted us to do something healthy this year, so with the help of my Auntie I made these long skinny witch fingers.  I used cream cheese in the nail part to hold the olive in place.  Use your imagination.  A lot of things would work GREAT for the nail.  The ring made it extra cute.  The kids thought it was SO COOL!  *lol*  So easy to please...for now. 

And NOW...the winner of the SWEET Ginger Blossom's felt food giveaway...

Mandi Ward said... I am a follower and i posted it on facebook :)

Since I know where you live we'll get that to you ASAP!
Have a Happy Halloween!  Be safe and eat lots of goodies. 
We love you guys!!!


  1. Justy looks cute! Love the costume! And I love the witch fingers. Lucky you that you can actually take homemade treats to school. Anything that we send has to be store bought and packaged. Boring with a capital B!

  2. Justy looks so cute. :) Congrats Mandi. What a fun thing to win.


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