Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Favorites

How have I lived in this blogosphere for about three years and noone has pointed me to this fun blog. Recently I found Make It and Love It from another blog and probably spent a good hour (even though I should have been sleeping) looking around her blog. She has fun ideas and awesome tutorials. She has tutorials for anything from home decor, mod podge, clothing, to cake decorating and recipes. She is super crafty and my kind of girl. Here are some of my faves.

She has some great home decorating tutorials. These pillows are gorgeous. Tute here.

I'm in love with this skirt. That bow is to die for. Tute here.

This is a little girls dress made out of a women's knit shirt. This is something I would like to get better at. Instead of throwing so many clothes in the Goodwill pile, a lot could be repurposed. And look how cute! Tute here.

Check out Ashley's blog. It won't dissapoint. :)

Anyway, sorry I'm so late today. My dad has been here from Idaho visiting and it has been wonderful. He left today and it's so sad to see family go. I hate that we have to be so far away. But such is life. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I seriously need to learn how to sew. :o)

  2. Cute stuff! You guys are causing me to be more of a blog surfer than I ever was before!

    p.s. You have just over a month before you get to come home!!! We can't wait :o)

  3. Ohh...are you going home for Christmas?? So am I...maybe we can meet up! We need to have a craft-fest or something. You can teach me everything you know and I will take notes. :)

  4. Ugh. Such cute stuff, but it makes me feel so inadequate. How do people have time to make so much cute stuff? Anyway, I love your Friday posts (well, I love all of them really)--it saves me hours of surfing the web to find the good sites! You have recommended some great sites. :o)

  5. I got the Tute on my kids Halloween Costumes from her blog, and I love it, it was so simple!! Miss ya and can't wait to see you!

  6. Moni... wow these are great ideas, and I should get busy and get my old sewing machine out and start something.. I hope I will make at least one thing this year.. oh oh it is almost over.. Thank you for sharing! And I am counting the days too!.. wow!


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