Friday, November 19, 2010

Martha Stewart Marshmallow Turkey Cupcakes and a GIVEAWAY

We have a couple of things for you today. First of all, I haven't done a cupcake for awhile and was feeling the urge to get back into my Martha Stewart Cupcake book. I am still part of the Martha Stewart Cupcake club although I haven't been very active. This months cupcake was chosen by Simple Girl. This was a really fun cupcake to put together. I actually made these for a bunch of medical students during finals week. I felt a little silly bringing these in but my husband reminded me that medical students are regular people and will love them. They were gone so quickly so I was glad for that.

I don't love all of Martha's cupcake recipes but this is one I do. She uses the One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes for the base. I love this cupcake. It is quick (which is great) and very delicious. I topped these with a chocolate swiss buttercream, toasted coconut, multi colored candy fish, and coconut covered marshmallows. So cute and so fun!

You can find Martha's One Bowl Recipe here. Try it out, it's a good scratch chocolate recipe. Much better than the boxed. You can find her Swiss Meringue Buttercream here. It's very different than a regular buttercream. It is very light and fluffy.

Okay the second thing, today is our 100th post on this lil' ole blog! We wanted to celebrate by giving away something fun. So in honor of our 100th post we are giving away Cake Pops by Bakerella!
I have been following Bakerella for a couple of years now. She is so creative and such a humble gal. She started a blog about her baking and has now traveled all over the country and just released her first book. Yay! We are giving one book away. Here's what you need to do:

1. Become a Follower
If you are already a follower, then you're awesome! BUT, we are trying to get our little blog out there So...
2. Share our blog, either through Facebook, your blog, or whatever
3. If one of your friends follow, make sure they let us know and we'll give you and them another entry.

We will close this next Thursday at midnight and announce the winner next Friday! Woohoo! 

I made these for my daughter's birthday. Cute, cute! Love Bakerella!

Have a Happy Weekend! Turkey Day is on the way!


  1. Those cupcakes are adorable and I'm sure that they were much appreciated!

  2. I became a follower!! It was all because of Megan's blog post, so make sure she gets credit :) Oh, and your scruptious food ideas had something to do with it too!
    Cute blog! I love it.

  3. I am a follower... and my friend Allie is a follower and my friend Monica is a follower which I just learned, and she also publishes the blog, but does that take away or add points? Just kidding. I'd love the book.
    And the Turkey cupcakes are adorable!!as is just about everything you make... when are you moving back??????

  4. Oh, I hope you have a copy of that book for yourself!! I gave one to my mama but I was tempted to send it to you instead. Don't tell her, LOL!

  5. Followed your blog and shared it on Facebook for 2 entries. :) Thanks!

  6. OF COURSE I'm a follower. :)

  7. HOLY! Those Hello Kitty pops are adorable. You talented chicas!!! I'm a follower and linked up on facebook.

  8. You two are doing an awesome job with you blog. I am excited to win this book (I hope I do). Check out my blog post and left one on Facebook too.

  9. I just officially became a follower. My cousin Katherine told me about your blog and your giveaway. So don't forget to give her credit!I would love to win this book. My youngest loves baking and cooking. Check out our family blog post.

  10. i am officially now a follower! :)

  11. HI Erica!!!!! My mom showed me your blog and said you have GREAT giveaways!!!!!! So pick us!!! :) love SUNDI!!

  12. Love the blog ladies!!! cute ideas and yummy recipes!! :)


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