Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Fabric Garland

Erica?  Doing something crafty?  Ha!  I said the same thing, and YES, I did.  And it was super easy, anyone could do it.  Even me.  I seen a picture of some garland in a magazine, and thought to myself, "Hey!  I could do that!"  I went to my local store that sells fabric and with the help of and Aunt who works there, we picked out some festive fabrics that all went great together.  I picked some of the cheaper stuff to stay in budget and I have tons of extra to make more than one string of garland.  I was so happy with the end results, and I have even got a few compliments on it from people stopping by.  Makes me happy to get comments on things that I made.  :o)
Heres what you need to make your own~

Several yards of assorted fabric
Pretty ribbon

Measure out several feet of twine.  Using a few inches at the ends, fold it over into a loop and tie a knot so you have loops for easy hanging.

Prepare fabric by making small snips along the bottom of the fabric every 2-3", and tearing into strips atleast 6" in length.  If you don't want the ripped look then use scissors or pinking sheers.

Simply knot your fabric strips onto the twine.  Alternate fabric types and colors, or do it however you want.  If you want, throw in some bells or beads.  Use your imagination.
If you make one link us to your pictures.  We'd love to see what you come up with.  Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!


  1. I want one! This turned out darling. Great job being crafty!!!

  2. I love this!! I think I shall make a wreath.. I don't have enough of those.. or garland. I guess I will be making both! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This is cute, I am impressed. By the way I would love to show you how to make the rag blanket, it would be fun.


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