Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Digi Day

Today is a good scrappin' day. One of the things you don't really appreciate until it's gone is HEAT. Our heater went out last night and with space heaters and lots of blankets we fared well. But today while waiting for it to get fixed I think I may sit under a few blankets and scrap. I can't imagine getting anything done freezing my buns off. Okay, maybe a little laundry.

Anyway, I did get a chance to scrap last week. I have two layouts for you today. This layout is done using a new template by In the Making Design. Templates are a great way to get your scrapping done quickly. The design is already done for you, you just have to add your paper, photos, and any additional elements you would like. You can get templates at any digi scrap store. Find this one here.

Full Credits Here.

This one is from the first lesson in Jessica's Digi in Deep class. This is her advanced photoshop class. It is much more in depth and teaches more advanced skills. I love this class. I took it once before, but this is the updated version. Seriously, give a gift to yourself and sign up for one of her classes.

This layout is done from scratch. We made the photo block, the circular frame, the scalloped edges, transparent journaling block, the wrapped string around the frame, and much more. My idea of some good alone time! That and watching a good chick flik. This is what I do when the kids are in bed and Aaron is studying. Fun, fun!

Okay, just a reminder that there is a 20% off sale at Even the classes are on sale! Check it out. Plus if you spend $20.00 you get a free winter collab kit. It's huge! Can't beat that. I have a fun little project to show you on Friday. Can't wait!


  1. Love your layouts! Loved that class too.. come to think of it, I should go take the up-dated version...

  2. Awesome layouts!! Jessica is such an amazing teacher...I've learned so much from every class I've taken. I second the recommendation. :)


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