Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites-Tatertots & Jello

Want some creative inspiration?  I found the perfect blog to help you out with that.  She posts others ideas on there craft projects or remodeling projects and gives you the links to other amazing creative blogs.  And she is amazingly creative herself and does lots of fun tutorials.  I love it.  Makes me want to be more creative, but I can't seem to find the motivation much these days.  Can't wait to get it back.  I have so many cute ones linked up that I want to do, it's ridiculous!!  So, go check out Jen at Tatertots and Jello.  I'm sure she'll get you wanting to do something crafty today.

Ruffle Pillow Tutorial
So cute and EASY!

Adorable Valentine's Day Wreath cute is this!?
Yummy Recipes For a Party
I want to try the Buffalo Chicken Dip!  Yum!!!
Burlap Magnet Board
I want to make this soon!

Go check out one of my favorite blogs, Tatertots and Jello, and you'll get lost on all the tons of projects she's featured on there.  What would you want to create from her blog?

Hope you are all having a fabulous week.  I'm thinking next week we'll have a new member in our family.  Can't wait to let you all meet my new lil' man!  Have an awesome SAFE weekend!  *hugs*


  1. I love that blog! I have been following it for several months now. She does have some really cute ideas.

  2. This blog looks so familiar...I think I've seen it somewhere. I'm glad you posted it, I always love coming across new blogs! I'm with you, I think I want to attempt the burlap magnet board!

  3. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one out there lacking motivation! My list of fun and cute things to re-create is longer than I even want to think about!

  4. I love this blog too. I go there a lot to get some inspiration. :)


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