Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heart Felt Wreath

Awww...I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. And I LOVE Valentine's is the day before my birthday.  :o) Next trip out of town, i'm gonna get some more stuff to make a couple more for my windows.  I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  I love Love LOVE that store.  I could spend hours in there.  It was a pretty inexpensive craft to do.  A little time consuming, but if you are like me than you enjoy taking a break on the couch every now and then and that is when I worked on this.  You can change it up the way you want.  Use pink, red, white, black, purple, a mix of a few colors. You have endless possibilities.  I went with a romantic red and found some cute Valentine ribbon to go with it.  I hope you make one and if you do link us to a picture.  I'd love to see how yours turned out.  And if I can do it, anyone can.
Isn't it gorgeous??

Here's what you need~
3/4 yard of the color felt you want to use
heart shaped foam wreath
straight pins
Ribbon to hang it with

You need lots of circles out of your felt.  I almost used all of it for this one wreath.  I counted once and I had 130 circles, but I ended up cutting quite a few more.  I used a 3" cookie cutter to trace my circles.

Cut them out so they look like this
And then fold your circle in half
And then in half again
Stick a pin through the point of your circle, like so...
And stick it in your foam wreath.  You don't need to put them on the back. a cutie.
  Once you start going you can move them around to your liking.  When you are all done pin on your ribbon to the back to the length you want it.  And your done...Simple...Gorgeous and I think it was pretty fun. 



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