Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Digi Day

Okay before I get started, I need to clarify a few things. First, although Erica is a super mom, she is also very prepared. She had some posts already prepared and I just had to publish them. She's a good sister and I love her to pieces. Thanks to family and friends who are taking care of her at home and bringing her meals. I so wish I could be there to help and am grateful for the good people in this world.

Second, I need to state that this is not a healthy eating blog. If we gave that impression to any readers in any way we apologize. We share the recipes that we enjoy and our families enjoy and that is that. We are two moms who love our families and are doing our best day to day. Now, just because we post a recipe for a cupcake or a creamy pasta does not mean that all we feed our children are cupcakes and creamy pasta. In no way can you tell or judge by our recipes how healthy our children are or how many fruits and vegetable they consume on a daily basis. All of our children are active and very healthy. We do appreciate your comments and opinions though. :)

Okay, phew. Sorry now on to my planned Digi Day. There are some exciting things happening at the new JS.com sister blogs. Digi Lovely showcases layouts from the Creative Team (Woot! I had one featured Jan. 24) and the JS.com community. They are also offering a Freebie on Friday and a free Tuesday Template designed by one of the Creative Team members. I'll let you know when my turn comes up. Fun!

Also, we have a hybrid blog called Mouse, Paper, Lovely. There are some exciting things happening there too. There will be upcoming projects and tutorials for some fun hybrid projects. Check them out, follow along, and grow.

Here is my layout for the week. I'll be having some fun ones coming up. Digi in Deeper starts next week. Can't wait!!!

Full Credits Here.

Happy Tuesday!!! :)


  1. I seriously love that photo, with M's swinging hair and the wildflowers everywhere. Amazing layout...you do such gorgeous work! And I have to say I'm glad you post "realistic" recipes. Otherwise, I'd be much less likely to attempt them. :)

  2. Oh crap I thought we were supposed to feed our kids junk every day all day thanks for the info! I love your blog and you can't make everybody happy. If it was always healthy recipe posts we wouldn't enjoy it so much. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Darling! I have fallen in love with that blue flower.


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