Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Digi Day

I went to a service auction on Saturday night. Everyone brought crafts, goodies, or promised service (i.e. babysitting) and we received points by filling out a questionairre. We then used those points to bid on others' items. It was super fun. I was reminded how many talented women I surround myself with AND I went home with a darling baby quilt, a knitted baby ear warmer, and some cute hair clippies. Nice haul, right?

Anyhoo, I didn't get as many pages as I would have liked done, but two are better than none so I'll take it! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my list of things to do this week which includes two more pages, awards for a cub scout pine wood derby, and a photobook for a friend. All of which, I'm happy to do it's just fitting in everything else. You know the mom duties. Darn kids get in the way of my crafting mojo. (Please know I'm kidding, I adore my kiddos!) But I will prevail, if you're like me, somehow we always do. 

This photo was taken by my sis-in-law Jamie. Getting 12 children to look in the same direction happily is a hard task and has been proven a few times before with failed photo shoots of above children. I didn't get my hopes up and was very skeptical but we ended up with this beauty. It just takes a lot of bribery (chocolate chips), moms jumping up and down acting crazy, and of course photoshop. I'm still impressed everytime I look at this photo. Good job Jame! Full Credits Here. You can find all these digi goodies at JessicaSprague.com.

This is my little niece Mailey. Oh how I adore this kid. She is a serious little thing and only smiles for very worthy causes. Occasionally I'm worthy. Ha ha! Full Credits Here.

Also, I'm finally getting around to starting the Mouse Paper Scissors Class from JS.com. Life got crazy and I had to put this one on the back burner. But to refresh your memory, it is a hybrid class taught by Jessica Sprague (the digi side) and Heidi Swapp (the paper side). So far I'm loving it and am anticipating the cute projects coming up. Here is my first project.

This is a dressed up notebook I'm using as an observation journal (part of the class) but could be used for anything. It's so cute right?! I love it and I love writing in it. It makes writing things down so much more fun! Anyway, more to come from this class too.

Okay, well if you're still reading, I'm proud of you. Somedays I just have a lot to say. Have a wonderful day! And do something crafty. It's good for the soul. :)


  1. I totally stuck it out to the end just for you!! ;)
    I feel the pain of busy that you are going through. My list for this week (before Thursday) makes me laugh with a bit of craziness, and yet, here I am..
    You will love MPS. I still have my last project to finish.

  2. Crafting is good for the soul! Too bad I suck at it ha. Love your pages...And that notebook is so darn cute!

  3. I love the notebook! And yes, You really are doing it and wish you would quit and move home. :o) Just kidding...kind of.

  4. i love you. I updated my blog...that's as crafty as it will get around here today, but thanks for the inspiration as always :)


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