Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorite

Is it seriously already Friday?  Holy cow!  This week flew!!!  I hope it keeps going at this speed so Spring can hurry and get here.  I am so sick of the muddy mess outside.  I just want to put my yard clothes on and go work in the garden and flower beds.  Who here agrees with me?!

Anyhoo...onto my pick for Friday Favorites.  I've been kind of slacking on the blog browsing lately, but I have been searching high and low the past few days and I found a website that will "Feed Your Eyes".  I was using the amazing Stumble Upon that Monica recommended for us, and found this amazing place.  It has thousands of photos of food that people submit.  If you are interested in one, you just click on it and it takes you directly to their blog and recipe.  AMAZING!!!! They publish new food images all day every day, so there is always something new to feast your eyes on.  I sat there for quite awhile looking at all the awesome food.  I have so many bookmarked it's ridiculous!  They also have a Craft Gawker too.  Oh heaven help me...or my family, because I am gonna be glued to this computer with all the great ideas!

Here's a few on my list...

Some of you may think I'm crazy for wanting these, but i'm a LOVER of Pork skins, so i'm pretty sure i'd love these.

This diet is seriously killing me right now.  I want this pie NOW!

This one looks super challenging to that is the reason I want to try it. And I love all desserts with the flavor of coffee in it...i know i know..i'm a sinner.  :o)

Seriously head on over to Food Gawker.  You will be drooling all over your keyboard. 


  1. I will have to check it out!

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