Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorite

I just wanted to show you some eye candy today in the sewing world. This blog is called Once Upon a Thread. This lady is pretty darn talented and all I can do is drool and wish I had a smidgen of her talent. I was first tipped off by her while semi-following the Project Run and Play blog. It's a sewing competition where the contestants have to design a child's outfit based on a theme. It was fun to follow along. They will be doing another competition next fall but will be doing tutorials and such until then. Find them here.

Anyway, Katy on Once Upon a Thread uses children's books as inspiration and designs fun, beautiful clothing based on a book. Fun, right? Here are just a few of her creations. Drool then run over to her blog to drool some more. Oh, by the way, Katy won the Project Run and Play competition. All the entries were amazing but I loved her entries. Amazing.

This was Katy's last entry in Project Run and Play. Look at those Ruffles!!!! Oh man. You can find her full post here.

Another Project Run and Play entry. Wouldn't you just feel gorgeous in this dress?! Full post here.

So cute. Full post here.

This cute outfit is inspired by the book A Tree is Nice. The shirt has a leaf print and I love the cute pants with leaf pockets. Full post here.

Alrighty, check out her blog for some more drool worthy eye candy. And don't forget to enter out GIVEAWAY! You know you could use a free Shutterfly Photo Book. Go Here to enter. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I need to learn how to sew. Those dresses are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Why couldn't I have dresses like that when I was younger?! Sheesh.

  2. Erica, SOMEBODY had to rock the 80's style! Monica, a smidgen?! Really? >I< wish I had a smidgen of YOUR talent...


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