Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

Being on the creative team gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by talented beautiful ladies. Seriously, their skills amaze me. And some of these ladies crank out gorgeous pages so stinkin' fast! Anyway, one of my fellow CT members inspires me over and over again. Even before she was selected to be part of the team her layouts would always stick out to me in the general gallery. I was so happy I would get to work with her when she was selected. Since then, I have become a blog stalker.

There is a lot I love about Mindy. Not only is she amazingly creative in the scrapbooking area, but she is a wonderful photographer, she sews (yay!), and she bakes (double yay!!!). This is my type of girl. Even with that her personality shines in her writing and she really is one of the sweetest gals ever. She is always full of compliments and builds everyone else up around her. Hopefully one day I'll have the chance to meet her in real life and we'll get to craft together. I wish we were neighbors! You can find her crafty blog here.

This is my all time favorite layout of Mindy's. Not only is Mindy a talented creative scrapbooker but she is an awesome photographer. Such a gorgeous photo. She captured that sisterly love. Love it. You can check out Mindy's photography blog here.

She made this mini album in the Mouse Paper Scissors class at Check out her blog for more details. It's gorgeous.

Are these not adorable? See! We would make great neighbors.

This is a gorgeous hybrid card. So cute.

She makes the cutest banners and holiday home decor. She's so creative.

I'm in love with this. Makes me happy.

Another stinkin' cute cuppie.

Anyway, if you're looking for some eye candy. Check Mindy's blog out. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Think Spring...won't be long! :)


  1. Oh my...That picture is great! I love it. I love everything else I see as well. I will have to check her out for sure!

  2. Oh, you're too sweet. Oh, wait....different Mindy? Ha ha. I only wish I were so talented. Her stuff looks pretty darn cute-- and I can always use a little (or a lot) creative inspiration.

  3. Thank you!! I am so touched. Would love to be neighbors! You are too sweet...
    (Totally made my day!!)


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