Monday, March 14, 2011

Green Chocolate Mint Cookies

Better late than never!  What a morning!  Not only is it a gorgeous dreary day, but me, and my 2 boys have a nasty head cold.  It's been quite challenging trying to get cookies baked and keep my boys happy.  Why didn't someone tell me being a mother of 3 is so tough.  It's worth it though, right?  :o)

I found these babies on foodgawker.  I wanted to do something green and festive for the upcoming St. Patrick's day and thought these not only sounded easy, but yummy too!  I made my basic sugar cookie dough and added green food coloring to it, and then stirred in some chopped up Andes chocolate mint candy.  I think they are scrumptious.  Not too sweet, and the right amount of minty-ness.  :o)  The center is soft and cakey.  I think next time I will add more green.  I'm glad I baked these.  I felt like I accomplished something today.  Now...if I could just stop eating them.  Grrrr....

Like I said at the first of the post I used THIS sugar cookie recipe and added green food coloring.  And then I stirred in chopped up Andes.  My local store didn't bave brown mint chocolate chips.  They had green, but I thought brown would be much more pretty.  My good friend brought me some from her local Walmart.  How sweet is that?  Pays to have good friends that live in big cities.  :o)  I used my cookie scoop and baked on 350 for 12-14 minutes.  Don't bake them too long, or they will dry out fast! 

Hope you have a great week!!!


  1. Yummy! They look delicious. I'm going to have to try them. I have made your rice pudding and banana muffins in the last week. Both were delicious! Thanks for posting all of these yummy recipes. :)

  2. Fun! I needed a fun recipe to make on Saint Patty's day and I think this will do just fine ;o) Thanks for sharing. Yes, being a mother of three is hard! And yes, it is worth it!

  3. Oh these are so cute and look scrumptious! Nice job!

  4. I can't seem to find the recipe on this page. Help! They look divine...

    1. Never mind! Realized that I should click on THIS sugar cookie recipe... Thanks!

  5. Replies
    1. Click on THIS sugar cookie recipe. Erica used our basic sugar cookie recipe, added green food coloring, and chopped up Andes mints. Thanks!


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