Friday, March 11, 2011


Sometimes blogging seems so pointless when there are others in the world grieving and going through trials. I read what I call a "sad blog" today. It was of a woman with two young children who recently lost her husband to cancer. I hate cancer. It sucks. I think too many of us have been affected by cancer. It steals loved ones away. It tests everything I've ever believed in about life and why we're here. You know, it's just so unfair. You can check out her blog here. The good thing about these stories are the appreciation I gain for the people I love. I saw this video the other day that fits with my thoughts for the day.

Anyway, I'm sorry to get all deep on you. Just had to share my thoughts.

I'm holding off the Giveaway till Tuesday. Give your family a hug today and say a prayer for the people in Japan.


  1. Nice post Monica. And a good reminder. It's too bad that sometimes it takes a tragedy to put things in perspective.


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