Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Digi Day

I don't have a lot to show for how much digi I have been doing lately. Last week I worked on a book for a friend and whipped up 20 pages. Phew. That was a project. I ordered the book through Paper Kiwi and I'm excited to get it and see how it turned out. I've always used Shutterfly for my photobooks so I hope I can give you a good review on the Paper Kiwi book. I should be getting it this week.

As for my own scrapbooking, I did get lesson 7 done in the Digi in Deeper class. This class officially ended a few weeks ago. I'm just way behind on everything in my life. Oh well, my big projects would be finishing Maggie's 1st year album. She'll be 5 in 2 weeks. Nice, right? And finishing putting together my Project 365 form 2009. See...behind. Those two projects out of my way will be perfect before this baby comes. I have 12 weeks people. I'll keep you updated.

This is Lesson 7 in the DIDer course. I love this course and love all things I've learned. I know with digi scrappin' you don't get your fingers dirty and the tactical stimulation of touching and feeling BUT (and that's a big BUT) there really is a satisfaction in using my brain and creating. Digi scrappin' does take a lot of mind power. When I'm paper scrappin' I can listen to music or watch a movie but with digi my mind is completely engrossed in my work. I love it. And I get a memory recorded and my thoughts out on paper. It's a good thing.

I hope everyone is getting some Spring weather. I know we are and I'm lovin' being outside again. Have a happy Tuesday! :)

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