Friday, June 3, 2011

Paprika Chicken

I'm trying to make more chicken dishes and this is a new one that I really enjoyed.  My family enjoyed it too, so that's a double bonus.  You can throw it on top of rice, or noodles.  We went with noodles and it was delish!  Except next time I am gonna double the sauce mix.  We like lots of sauce on our noodles.  So, if you are like me, double it. 

Paprika Chicken
4 large skinless, boneless Chicken Breasts
1/4 c. chopped onion
2 Tbsp butter
1 c. chicken broth
1 tsp paprika
8 oz sour cream
2 Tbsp flour

Soften up your onions in the butter in a large frying pan.  When your onions are translucent add your chicken, broth, and paprika, cover and cook until chicken is cooked through.  Stir together sour cream and flour and add to your chicken mix and stir it in until it's good and thick.  Let it cook until heated through and pour it on top of noodles or rice.  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!  And are you having trouble commenting?  Blogger has been acting silly lately, and I know that's why we haven't been getting very many comments....right?  :o)  Well, if so, then when it asks you to sign into blogger make sure that the stay signed in box isn't checked.  It worked for me.  I wasn't able to comment on anyones posts, and it was driving me batty!  See you next week! 


  1. I vote double the sauce too! You can't go wrong with extra sauce.

  2. I love easy, yummy chicken dishes. And ya, pour on the sauce!


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