Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teacher Gift

Call me Mrs. Procrastintor. It is a label that has followed me forever so I wouldn't be offended. I know most of you have no use for this idea now that school is pretty much over but I wanted to share three things.

1. I found a great blog with lots of crafty ideas. I was excited to find it and wanted to pass on the goodness. It is called Skip to My Lou. I found this teacher gift idea here. If you are desparate for a quick idea, their are a million on the net and so many great blogs.

2. Don't be afraid to copy people. If you have a crafty bone in your body, even a little one, you can craft. If you're blogging give credit where credit is due. Sometimes I come up with an idea myself but mostly I'm a good copy cat. Everything can be adapted too. You've heard me complain about my lack of crafty supplies here in my town so I adapt a lot. This gift originally had a cute colored tin pot, twine, and a silk flower. I only bought the gloves, seeds, and pot and then used what I had on hand. The original idea had a chalkboard label which is a brillant idea but I grudgingly don't have a Silouhette so I make due with a mod podged paper label. Someday, people, someday. :)

For a quick run down, I printed out the label on regular computer paper and printed out the saying on a brown lunch sack. I crinckled the saying and distressed the edges then stapled it to a couple packets of seeds. I used hot glue to adhere the ribbon and the flowers and mod podged the label on. It was super quick and only cost about 5 dollars.

3. This boy who I adore is growing up on me. Today is his last day of 1st grade. He has grown so much this year. I am proud of him and love him so much. He is sweet, sensitive, inquisitive, and so smart. Now onto a summer of fun and loving having him home.

Beezie and his teacher. Love you bud!!

Have a happy Thursday!!! It's pouring rain here, hopefully you have some sun to enjoy! :)


  1. So cute! You are so crafty! :o) We have sun, but it's chilly. I'm sick of the rain.

  2. Cute! I love to copy cat. Thank goodness for creative folks ;o) Yours turned out adorable.

    Can't believe he's done with 1st grade. CRAZY! Love that kid.

  3. such a cute idea! so excited to have my kiddos home too. now if time would just go by a bit slower...

  4. That is so cute. School is not out here, so thank you for posting this. Now I can get something to my sons teacher before Friday! :)
    You guys keep up the great work!


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