Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Digi Day

I have three layouts to share with you this week. I love that I'm already documenting Abi's first year. I'm still working on Maggie's first year and although I wrote notes, it feels great to be documenting as I go. Hopefully I can keep up. That would be awesome.

This first layout is a template by Splendid Fiins. It's a free template done for the Template Tuesday series. You can pick it up here. Did you hear me? Free. Go get it. :)

Full Credits Here.

Speaking of Template Tuesday, this layout is done from a template by one of my co-creative team members. I love her work. You can get this template here for free. Yup, you might as well know that you can get a free template from JessicaSprague.com every Tuesday.

Last but not least. I have been slowly catching up with some of my classes at JessicaSprague. This one is from Lesson 3 of Up and Running Version 2. I love how this turned out. These six photos are actually cropped from one photo. I loved how all the kids were just doing their own thing. So cute.

Okie Dokie. Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Monica, I love to blog stalk this site! Thanks so much for awesome CUTE ideas! Um, just so you know, that pic of Abigail at the top... HOLY moly I see Maggie so much in her! SUPER CUTE! Miss you guys!

  2. Beautiful layouts Moni! Such cute photos too. Amazing work!


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