Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homemade Oreos

So...I was thinking that I was being all creative and stuff, and so excited to make these.  I knew Moni had made some previously, but there was no way it would be the same recipe!  WRONG!  :o)  It is exactly the same.  I should have looked before, but that's just me being lazy.  These were way good, but definitely rich.  And they didn't taste exactly like an Oreo.  I hope to someday find that recipe.  I love love LOVE me some double stuffed Oreos.  *drool*  So, if you want to make these...which I think you should, head on over to Moni's post and listen to her suggestions.  I'll be making these again.  My family ate them right up.  I wouldn't have posted these at all, but I loved how the picture turned out.

Monica's Post

Have a great day!!

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