Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digi Day

It feels weird to be on my laptop again. I haven't even opened it in over a week. Wow! What a nice break. I'm so thankful for my sis who always picks up where I lack. We had a busy week last week. We drove 21 hours with three kiddos and a dog. It was a cinch. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and the Nintendo DS. I keep telling my kids that we used to draw pictures and look out the window. They did some of that too. :) I'm also thankful for my eight year old who re inserts the binkie and helps take care of the baby. He is so helpful.

Anyway, there is a lot going on in my digi world and I have a lot to tell you about. But keep reading! It's worth it!

I failed to tell you that I hosted last weeks Template Tuesday. I can't believe I forgot. You can get my free template here. Here is my preview and a couple of samples of the template. I've told you about templates before so I won't hash is out again, but just a reminder these are FREE and EASY!

I'll link up some full credits soon. This is my template and my adorable little babe.

You've seen this layout before but I wanted to show you how a template can be versatile. Just add your own photos and papers and change the theme completely. Full Credits Here.

You can find today's Template Tuesday here. Yay for Free fun! It's a cute one by Mandi!

Don't forget to sign up for Jessica's FREE Holiday Class! Sign up HERE!

Should I keep going? Jessica just announced 3 more brand new classes coming up for 2012. They look really fun and I can't wait for them to get started!

Class info. HERE.

Subway Art and Posters are such an "in" thing right now. I can't wait for this one. Class info. HERE.

Jessica has done Photoshop Friday Tutorials in different formats. For 2012 you can subscribe so you will never miss a tutorial. You get lots of inspiration, a template, and a PDF to follow. You don't want to miss this one. Class info. HERE.

Okay, that's enough for today. Are you overwhelmed? Don't be. Lots of exciting things going on! :) Happy Tuesday! Glad to be back. :)

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