Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ginger and Molasses Cupcakes (MSC)

It's time for another Martha Stewart Cupcake. This month the cupcake was chosen by Beurrista. I love the taste of Gingerbread. It's one of those tastes that take me back to being a child. When I was little my Aunt Linda came to stay with us while my dad was deployed somewhere. It must have been the Holiday season because she wanted to make real gingerbread houses. She mixed up the dough and we cut out the shapes and baked them up. The smell alone is amazing. I honestly don't remember how the houses turned out but I remember feeling happy and excited. I love my Auntie for those memories.

This cupcake really does have the taste and flavor of a spicy gingerbread. The cupcake had a nice crumb. They baked up with a flat top that went a bit over the edge of the pan. I actually loved that. The edges were sweet and crispy. I sent my husband to the store to get my ginger root and whipping cream. I put 9 oz. on the list but he only brought me 3 oz. Who knows. So I supplemented with some ginger powder and I think they tasted great. I can't imagine adding 6 more ounces. I bet Martha's are pretty spicy. Instead of whipping cream he brought me Redi-whip. I know, right? Silly guy. Oh well, all in all these are a tasty Holiday cupcake.

You can find the recipe HERE.



  1. Hi Monica! So Glad yours didn't end up concave like mine! I was wondering if it was the recipe, but obviously just a user error :-) Don't you love when tastes and smells bring back memories? I never liked gingerbread growing up, but I thought these were delicious. Thanks so much for baking with us!


  2. Aren't food memories the best?

    Your cupcakes look delish- I wouldn't have guessed rediwhip if you hadn't said anything!

    Thanks for baking this month.


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