Friday, January 20, 2012

Just Pinned

So if you haven't heard of the Pinterest craze, then I'd say you might be a little bit out of the loop. That's okay though! If I said you weren't missing out, then I'd be lying. Pinterest is like a giant virtual pin board where you can pin any photo of anything you want. I have planned some dinners using Pinterest, planned a birthday party using ideas from Pinterest, and even organized my home. I have found heartfelt thoughts and humbling stories. I can't talk enough good about it. If you need inspiration in any shape or form, go to Pinterest. With that said, it can be addicting. Moderation in all things is the key to Pinterest. ;)

Anyway, this week I saw a pin for a Green Smoothie. I've made these before but I thought I'd check out this new recipe. I'm soooo glad I did. It is super super healthy and tastes very very good. It's a treat and a meal in one. I just can't go wrong there. So, I thought occasionally we could share some of the things that caught our eyes on Pinterest and then if anything catches your fancy you can link up to it from here.

You can also find my Pin board HERE and Erica's HERE. Feel free to follow us. :)

Just Pinned:

Pinned Image
I'm serious about this smoothie, it's serious Yum. :) Find it HERE.

Pinned Image
This is a darling garland. There is no specific tutorial for this, but I'm sure it could be easily figured out or googled. :)

Pinned Image
This is from I love this blog. She has tons of great ideas. There's a tutorial for this easy blanket.

Cute tissue paper wreath!
This is gorgeous! It's made from tissue paper. Credit to Tatertots and Jello.

Pinned Image
This is from It's supposed to be like Kozy Shack rice pudding. I've said it once but I'll say it again, I love love love rice pudding. Yum!

Pinned Image
Erica pinned this and I love it! I need this in my house. Credit to

Check out our pinboards for any links. I hope you have an awesome Friday and an even more awesome weekend!

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