Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies! I love everything about them. I love to mix of the dough, taste it, roll them out, cut them, bake them, and most of all decorate them. It's just fun. I can be basic or creative with these. I like mine really thick and soft. Oh baby. :)

This time I took the long approach. First I outlined each cookie with a thicker frosting in blue. Then I thinned my blue frosting and flooded my cookie to get the smooth blue finish. When that had set up, I piped on the white with a Wilton tip #4. I added some silver candy balls and there you have it, a beautiful sugar cookie. There is just something fun about eating a decorated sugar cookie!

You can see some waiting for the white in the upper left corner.

Lot's of yummy goodness!

You can find my favorite sugar cookie recipe HERE. We've shared this recipe before.
Here is a Wilton tutorial for the technique I used.

And here is a fun blog called Bake at 350. She mainly uses this technique with her cookies. I've shared this blog before. So fun.

Thanks for dropping by! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Almost too pretty to eat! YUM!

    P.S. I also did make those PB kiss cookies. Brian said it was the first time he was really tempted to eat a sweet!

  2. Oh these look delicious, and beautiful too! I sure wish I was your neighbor, lol.


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