Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I'm sure you have been all over Pinterest looking for Valentine's ideas. I know I have. One of my friends is quite the pinner and has lots of eye candy on her boards. Her name is Emily and you can find her Pin Boards Here.

Anyway, I wanted to make this day special for my kiddos. We started the morning with breakfast. I set the table with Heart plates, heart cups, heart twisty straws, and lots of pink. It was really a mishmash of lots of ideas I've seen. Then we had pink milk, pancakes, and bacon.

Perfect Heart-Shaped Pancakes for Valentine’s Day

I made pancakes that looked like these but using my recipe. The kids loved them.

For lunch I got most of my inspiration from Three Pixie Lane, but I added my own touches. It was fun to pack up a fun lunch for the kids. I hope they like it.

I also added this cute little ensemble. I know the kiddos will love this.

Pinned Image

And for their Valentines I did these. Soooo cute.

I saw these somewhere on the web a few years back. I finally did them and loved how they turned out. Ben thought they were pretty cool too.

I did see this on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for Maggs. She loved the play on words and couldn't wait to pass them out at school. She's so cute.

Hopefully I've made their day extra special. I love these two kiddos and Valentine's is the perfect day to show them. Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. HA! That picture of Maggie is priceless! Ben is pretty stinkin' cute too. Love you guys and hope you have a great day.

    Fun ideas.

  2. Holy cow! No wonder you were late this morning!
    You are a crazy fun mom.


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