Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Pinned and a WINNER!

Hi!  Happy FRIDAY!  Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  I love Love LOVE this place!  It makes me happy.  It takes me places and it makes me think that I am very creative and a master chef.  I could easily pin and pin for a couple hours.  But, I don't unless I am in bed and pinning away on my phone when I can't sleep.  :o)  Here's what has been pinned this week by either me or Monica. 

Hahahahaha!...I wish!  :o)

Are you kidding me?  This looks so yum!

I love all the different outfits you can pin.  I wish I could have every single outift. 


This is called Better than Sex Chex mix.  If you try it, let me know.  *lol*

So many adorable teacher gift ideas.

So if you haven't discovered pinterest yet, then I think you should go check it out now.  If you need an invite just leave us a comment with your email and we will send you one ourselves.  If you already have an account, and aren't following us yet, then you can go here to follow Erica, and here to follow Monica.

And here is what you have all been waiting for.  I had Monica pick a number this morning with the random number generator and the winner is...CINDY B.!!!!!  WOOOHOOO!  E-mail us immediately at with the address you want the new cookbook sent to.  If you don't contact us in a weeks time, then we will pick a new winner. 

Have a happy weekend!  It's supposed to storm here this weekend.  I really REALLY hope it does.  Stay safe!


  1. Poop. I'd congratulate if I wasn't so jealous.

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