Monday, April 9, 2012


If you are looking for The Giant Blog of Cooking, Crafting, and Other Fun Activities, you have come to the right place. Erica and I have been tossing around the idea to change the name of our blog for awhile. The last one was, well, just plain long. We were often referred to as "The Giant Blog". Who wants to be referred to as Giant? :)

Deciding a name was more a humorous adventure, we both would occasionally throw out a name and usually laugh. They varied from cheesy, to dumb, to just plain funny. One day I was thinking of something that means something to both of us and House 344 came to me. I told Erica and she loved it. Erica and I moved around a lot as children. There was only one place in our life that provided complete stability and that was House 344. That was our Grandma's house. When we walked into that home whether we were small or grown, we were always greeted with a warm hug and a "How's my girl?"

Cheesy? Maybe. But meaningful to us. Every child needs that place, and House 344 was that place for us. We learned many valuable lessons in that home and between Grandma and Auntie learned all the basics of cooking and keeping a home. So welcome to House 344. From the beginning we wanted this blog to be a way for Erica and I to share what we love and that will continue.

We have started taking sponsors and will give more detail about that later. The blog design was done by Candis Schow of CandC Paperie. We love it! I've been digging grey and yellow, oh and chevrons! I told her what I wanted and we got it. Love it! Thanks Candis. We'll be doing a more indepth feature soon.

Anyway, we just wanted to give you a heads up on the all the changes. We love doing this little blog and appreciate all of our followers and all of the positive feedback. Have a very Happy Monday!

Love, Monica


  1. love the name!
    and glad to say i even visited house 344 once :)

  2. Love the story! I am looking forward to continuing to see your fun posts!

  3. Such a great tribute! Love it.

  4. what a perfect name!! love the new look too. :)

  5. Your blog looks great! I love the name, and I'm a huge fan of the colors. Great job!


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