Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Erica's Green Smoothie

This has been my go to recipe for smoothies since I started on my weight loss journey.  It helped out a lot when I was craving something creamy and sweet.  When I first started making it, I was adding a packet of Truvia.  Now if I add it, it is WAY too sweet. 


Erica's Green Smoothie
1 c. Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 container of Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt
1 medium banana
2 Tbsp. Flax Seed
1 serving frozen berries, (I like strawberries or the mixed berries.)  1 serving is about 2/3-1 cup
1 HUGE handful of spinach
If you like it a little thicker add a handful of ice
estimated calories 381

Even my kids love them.  I have to pour them their own cup every time.'s pretty much healthy, so I don't mind.  Yay for spinach!!!  Here, McCoy is waiting for me to give him his share.  Stinker.

 My diet so far has been very successful.  I'm down 18 lbs!  I have about 5 more to go to hit my goal.  So excited with the progress I've made.  Sticking to a strict 1200 calorie diet and exercise plan has been hard, but so worth it!!  I do cheat on the weekends, so I can get my junk food fix.  I think it's helped out a lot that way.  I can't cut it out completely.  NO WAY!  Love my sweets!

Happy Wednesday!!
Love, Erica


  1. And you look A.MAZ.ING! Way to go! We have to give these a try!!!

  2. came over from visiting my friend, Jennifer. You left a sweet comment on her blog post. You have such neat blog, I'll be back!

  3. hey, just saw your comment on my blog. Thank you for that! I can tell by your green smoothie post that we would be fast friends. I make these often (I add some carrots and kale to mine too) and my boys LOVE them. About to head out to get them from school so I can't spend much time reading but I do look forward to coming back to read. Thank you again for your sweet words!!

  4. I might just have to try that, (or you could just make it for me:) I think you look great all your hard work has definately paid off. Now if you could pass a little ambition this way.


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