Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Party

My sweet little Maggie turned 6 in April and wanted a Rainbow Party.

Can't believe she is 6! We sure love this sassy loving girlie.

This Spring has been incredibly busy but I was able to throw her a fun Rainbow Party on a budget and with some help of some friends. I'll link up where possible on the ideas. Thank goodness for Pinterest. Years ago I would scour the Internet and books to look for ideas but Pinterest makes it so easy. What a time saver!

First off I was on a strict budget so I wanted easy/cheap decorations but something with a lot of flair. I decided on a balloon banner and I love the way it turned out. It was huge and dramatic and pretty much my only decoration AND it only cost me 5 dollars.

Maggie informed me that there wasn't any pink in a rainbow. Whatever. I found the tutorial at Design Mom. So cute and really adds a punch.

For games I painted a rainbow with a cloud and a pot. (You can see it on the wall on the left in the photo above.) We played pin the coin on the pot. Such a versatile classic game. I had all the materials on hand so it didn't cost anything.

We also played a game of "Shoot the Rainbow". Ha! Sounds silly now, but I really just made it up.

I made these homemade marshmallow shooters except we called them cloud shooters and started the game by shooting at the balloon banner. That quickly changed and it ended up being Dad against everyone else. There were marshmallows everywhere! Sooo Fun. :)

For the treat bag I decided to give up the expensive cheapie toys and just go with the treats. Sorry moms. They turned out cute though.

 I just googled a rainbow image then added the wording in Photoshop. Super cute.

I'm in an association for spouse's of the medical students. It's a club of sorts and we do a lot of fun activities as well as community service. One activity we do every year is a service auction. We offer a service (I offered cupcakes, treats, and iron on onesies) and then you get points for having done various things. The points is pretty much your "money". We then have a real life auctioneer come and auction off all the fun things. There were lots of cute crafts, sewn stuff, quilts, treats, free babysitting, etc. Well, I saved up my points to pretty much cater Maggie's birthday party. It turned out perfectly. :) I'm so sly.

This gorgeous cake was done by my friend Stacy Howard. It turned out perfectly and the kids loved it!



I also won some cake pops and cookie pops also from my friend Bobbi Jo Tucker. They turned out adorable. I was handing out a lot of treats. Thanks ladies. You saved me, really. Honestly I love to bake but it is soooo stressful to plan a party and make a gorgeous cake. I'm tempted to always cater out the cake and treats.

These turned out darling.

You can see my marshmallow shooters in this photo.

After all the kids are gone, cake devoured, marshmallows everywhere, I have a happy 6 year old and very very tired mama. I love doing it. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Love, Monica


  1. I wish you posted this sooner! I could not think of any games to play at Grace's rainbow party! You found some cute ideas!!! :)

  2. You did such a great job! I really kind of hate hosting Birthday parties because they are so much work, but I guess it is worth it when your kids are so happy.

  3. I love it! Would it be weird to do a rainbow party for Coy? You are so creative!

  4. What a beautiful rainbow themed birthday party. It’s just amazing and party favors are good too. Have never arranged such a themed party but planning to have this time for my niece’s birthday at one of Seattle venues. Would love to use these ideas that have shared here.


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