Monday, September 10, 2012

Digi Day

Hello!!! It's September! Can you believe it!? The kiddos are in school and I'm working on getting my home clean and organized. I miss them when they aren't home but I'm getting some things done! Bittersweet, indeed. :)

Before I get into my show and tell, I just wanted to say that I made the Spanish Rice Erica posted yesterday. Easy and Yum! I'll never buy a Spanish Rice mix again. I also made it with these enchiladas and my son LOVED them. Need a quick yum dinner, check them out!

Okay, so here are my recent digi adventures...

This layout features a good mix and match of some work from the designers at I love being on the creative team there. It is such a pleasure to get to work with them. This layout features me trying to get a good photo of Miss Abi. This girl is going to give me a run for my money. She is on the go, go, go! Full credits Here.

This is a template from Jessica's Photoshop Friday series. I love them. Easy and beautiful. I'll take that. All photos are taken by Erica. Full Credits Here. I love this fun kit by Dani Mogstad too! It's called Imagination.

This is another template in the Photoshop Friday series. I needed more photo frames so I added a few. Love all these pics and this fun patriotic kit by Dani Mogstad. Full Credits Here!

Okie Dokie! Happy Monday! I hope it is wonderful! :)

Love, Monica

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