Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Healthy Snacks for the Kiddos

When I moved from Utah, I was surprised when I had to provide a snack for my kids at school. In Missouri I had to send a snack once a month for the whole class. I didn't mind that. Here in Michigan I have to send a daily snack for my kids. That takes a little more thinking and creativity. I'm getting better at it but I hit Pinterest for ideas along with my own to create this list.

1. Muffins
These make an easy portion controlled snack. You can make a bunch and freeze a dozen or so for later. I love being able to take a couple out the night before and have them ready to go in the morning. You can also make these as healthy as you want adding applesauce instead of oil and mixing in whatever fruits and veggies you want.

Erica and I have made a lot of muffins right here on our own little blog.

You can find more of our Muffins HERE.

2. Granola
Granola is easy and also very adaptable. Make it as healthy as you want. There are tons of recipes out there. This is the one I make and love.

3. Granola Bars
I was so excited when I made my first granola bars. I love how easy they came together and I knew every ingredient in them. I love that.

Just do a search on Pinterest for Granola Bars. There are hundreds. :)

4. Fresh Veggies and Hummus
We love Hummus at our house. It's such a tasty treat with fresh carrots sticks or Pita chips. It's so easy to blend up too. You can make hummus very complicated or very easy. There are many many recipes out there.

Hummus III Recipe
Here is a basic recipe from You can adjust the ingredients to your taste. I never really follow a recipe but basically use these ingredients. Find it HERE.
Photo also from

5. Fruit and Crackers
I loved this when I saw it on Pinterest. (I have yet to try it.) But it's such a cute way to make snacktime fun. Plus, it's an easy one to throw together if the pins are already made.

This is from Cute, right?

6. Healthy Breakfast Cookies
I like the idea of these. Maggie doesn't love granola bars, but I think she would go for this.

Pinned Image
These cookies pictured seem to have a lot of "fancy" ingredients. You can find the recipe HERE. You can also find a good list on HERE.

What kinda fits in this category are these Energy Bites. I've made them a couple of time. Most of us like them. Maggie is just picky. :)

Find them HERE!

7. Boiled Eggs
Nothing like opening a baggie with a boiled egg inside! Smells gross but tastes pretty awesome. I loved this photo I saw on Pinterest. Now Maggie would really get a kick out of these and would gobble them up!

Pinned Image
This is another good snack resource. Super Healthy Kids.

8. Peanut Butter with...
A lot of schools have restrictions with Peanut Butter so be in the know about your childs' schools policy on this. My kids can take PB, so it works for us. They love it too!! Of course you can pair PB with lots of things. We make our PB but I love the Jiffy single serving cups too.

Banana Boats

9. Fruit (You Can't go Wrong!)
Whether you send fresh or dried, it's a good choice. Erica makes a yummy fruit leather that kiddos love. It's easy to make a fruit dip or an occasional caramel to go with a fruit cup too.

10. Popcorn
Mmmm. I love popcorn. There are so many variations to make popcorn tasty and healthy too. It doesn't have to always be butter or caramel to make it amazing.

Pinned Image
Photo Credits Here.

Here is a whole list from Yum!

Okay, that's it! I hope I've given you some ideas and recipes to send the kiddos off to school with yummy snack. Have a great day!!!



  1. Thanks for list Monica! It is a good collection of things for my kids to have at home for snacks too.


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