Tuesday, February 26, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Shelf

Hi!  Erica here!  It's been awhile since I last posted.  I'm sorry.  I'm quite the slacker.  Life is busy.  But, I like it that way.   

Here's what I've been working on...

Here's my shelf for St. Patrick's Day!
Love how it turned out.  Almost everything is homemade.  

I got the wooden shamrocks from a friend, un-decorated.  I painted them, and modged podged glitter, and paper on the other ones.  

I wrote on the mason jar with a hot glue gun, and then painted over it.  I bought me some pom pom makers, and made some with my fingers too for the flowers and wreath.  To make the wreath I cut out a big circle out of the top of my pizza box and cut out the center.  I then wrapped all around it with yarn and then hot glued all the poms on until I liked how it looked. 

Here's a video tutorial for pompom making.

I then filled a mason jar full of some golden nugget chocolates and topped that with skittles.  Of course skittles don't have blue in them, so I crumpled up some blue construction paper to add the blue in the rainbow.

And the adorable chalk frame was made by me sweet sister, Monica.  Love how I can write something new whenever I feel like it.

Last but not least is my cute garland.  I crocheted a bunch of shamrocks with different shades of green and then strung them on a single strand of white yarn.  Love it!

Here's the tutorial I used to make these cute little things.

Sadly, I don't have a mantel.  So, I make do with a gorgeous shelf that I have in my living room.  I look forward to decorating it for each season/holiday.  It's a lot of fun and I always love showing it off.  :o)  If you have any questions, just shoot me an email or leave a comment.  I'll do my best to help out.

Have a happy Tuesday!  

Love, Erica*


  1. I love this shelf! I just need you to come over and do one for me. ;) I can't get over that adorable garland.

  2. So cute! I would love to be able to make the garland too. Probably a good thing I can't though, on less thing to copy. ;) I love it all!


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